Epsilon Alpha

at University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Chapter History

Alpha Xi Delta at UW-Eau Claire started out as a local sorority in 1941 when the University was a state teacher’s college. This local sorority was called Sigma Pi Kappa. Through a decree issued by the President of the college, the girls received permission to form their group providing its principles were based upon service to the school, bonded friendship of all the girls in the college, and purely democratic ideals. Although the first meetings were of an informal nature, the name, purpose, mottos, and constitution were adopted which laid the foundation for the group. Soon the necessity of immediately enlarging the group arose. Several new members were appointed active members without the usual rushing and pledging. During the remainder of the semester and the following summer the Sigma Pi Kappa's further established themselves through activities such as rushing of pledges, purchasing pledge pins, designing active pins and composing sorority songs.

In 1964 the women of Sigma Pi Kappa started seeking to become national and in 1965 they became national under the Epsilon Alpha chapter of Alpha Xi Delta. Our charter started with 50 girls, then in the 1970's the members increased to 75 girls. The Epsilon Alpha chapter has always strived to live by the ideals of our founders. The Epsilon Alpha chapter is just as strong today as it was years ago. We look forward to many more wonderful years and memories with all our sisters in Alpha Xi Delta.


Alpha Xi Delta Banquet in 1964